SBC Week 8

Maddie’s Art Post

Dear Maddie,
Thank you for art tips. They will improve the way draw and I will practice drawing more. I hope that you continue pursuing art.


Max’s WWII Post

Dear Max,
Great post, I never really knew a lot about WWII and I wanted to learn more about it due to it being such an important and interesting event. You added a lot of information that I didn’t know. I hope you continue learning/blogging about history.


Mackeenna’s Quote Post

Dear Mackenna,
I love the quote, I love the way it makes you look at people. I enjoy reading J.K Rowling’s books and it’s nice to see a quote made by her.


SBC Week 5



Edublogs 8th Grade

Echidnas: An Interesting Creature

What is an Echidna? Is it some type of pokemon creature? Nope, while it looks one, it’s a mammal that can be found in South America. They look like a cuter porcupine.

The thing about Echidnas is that they are mammals. Why is the fact that they are mammals amazing you may ask? It is because they lay eggs. They are the only land mammal to lay eggs. How cool is that!

Well, that’s basically it. They lay eggs. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s so cool. WHAT MAMMAL DO YOU KNOW THAT LAYS EGGS! It’s special and cool. THE END

SBC Week 4 Activity 1

As tension grows between the United States of America and North Korea the possibility of a nuclear war grows. Due to living in Hawaii (a place close enough to North Korea where it’s not that difficult to attack) the thought of it is really scary. I was at an interview to go to school one day when everyone’s phone buzzed. It was a ballistic missile warning. Everyone was scared and we started heading towards underground locations. It was eventually just a drill but damn that was scary. While North Korea is still a threat everyone is more prepared and calm now.