SBC Week 9 Time To Write About A New Animal

If I have to do something that requires you to talk about animals, I would usually choose alpacas. I was thinking about picking that as a topic for my next edublogs post but I’ve done it before. So instead of talking about alpacas, I am going to choose a new animal. This animal has to be easy to write about and easy to research. I should have heard of the animal before and I can’t be something just totally random. The animal that I am dedicating this post to is the red panda.

The red panda is a small raccoon looking, creature, that has black feet and is a red-orange color for the rest of its body. Due to the species being endangered they live in protected areas where it is illegal to hunt them. Some places that have protected areas are China,  Nepal, and India. The red pandas have a diet mostly containing bamboo like actual pandas (Fun Fact: Red pandas are not pandas) but sometimes birds eggs and insects.

They have retractable claws that can help them climb trees to get their food. While they are pretty great red pandas do have problems. They have inbreeding depression because of them being so endangered. Red pandas could be considered living fossils because of them having no living ancestors and the most recent one lived 400 million years ago.

So those are red pandas, cute soft lovable animals that are slowly going extinct. Even though they are loved by millions they are still facing major problems. Hopefully, they will thrive and live on for years to come.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo


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