SBC Week 10

This post I will be talking about my blog within the past three months. There will be multiple things about my posts like the number of comments, the widgets, and the posts. So, yep.

Recently I haven’t been getting many comments. The post with the most comments is called Random Story Just Random. Random Story Just Random was the only post entirely¬†dedicated to writing a story which is why I think it got the most comments. I have gotten one classmate comment from Skyler and one student comment from Leah. So in total, I got an entire two comments.

Widgets wise I have been doing pretty well. I have nine widgets and all of them are pretty neat. A few of them include an online virtual pet, a link to a website I created, a globe that shows visitors. One of the widgets that I have is a blogroll. The blogroll is entirely composed of people that go HMS so none of them are overseas.

Over the course of the three months, my blog had seven total posts. Most of which were SBC like this one. Throughout the course of the three months, my theme never changed. I have always kept my theme as a story like one. Where I would write stories and post them on my blog. I used a few web tools in order to make these masterpieces those tools that I used were and CC Search.

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